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Year 2012

A comparison of the proposed saACM algorithms with 40+ classical (BFGS, GLOBAL, NEWOUA,...) and evolutionary optimization algorithms on 20-dimensional problems of the BBOB framework. The figure shows the proportion of functions which can be solved with a given precision (axis y) using a given number of function/model evaluations (axis x).
Year 2013
  • Download source code in MATLAB (configured for the BBOB framework)
  • Download GECCO 2013 paper
  • Download GECCO 2013 slides
  • Download bibtex
  • If interested, please see the results on noiseless BBOB'2013 benchmark problems.
  • To run on a custom objective function, please replace fgeneric.m of BBOB by this code
  • Comparison of the proposed surrogate-assisted versions of IPOP-CMA-ES algorithms on 20-dimensional Rotated Ellipsoid function. The trajectories show the median of 15 runs.   
    The proposed algorithms outperform BIPOP-aCMA-ES and demonstrate the best overall performance w.r.t. about 100 optimization algorithms tested during the BBOB-2009, 2010 and 2012. The performance of the proposed HCMA (a hybrid CMA-ES) is comparable to the portfolio 'best2009' algorithm (i.e., an artificial algorithm representing a combination of best results shown by a set of algorithms). See BBOB-2013 workshop paper for details.   
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